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CLASSIFICATION: Part-time pastoral staff (10-12 hours per week)

DIRECT REPORT: Senior Pastor (Mark Price) mark@myfreedomchurch.net



  1. Pursue a growing personal daily relationship with Jesus.
  2. Live a life of integrity and honesty.
  3. Be a team player and maintain a positive attitude, being supportive of the church and its other leaders.
  4. Support Freedom Church faithfully with your prayers, attendance and tithes.
  5. Participate in church-wide events such as worship, fellowships, and special events (Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.).
  6. Take part in church staff / Core Team gatherings (usually 75-90 minutes, once every 6-7 weeks on Sunday afternoons, and brief leadership huddles 35 minutes prior to worship each Sunday morning).
  7. Take part in an adult small group.


  1. Plan and lead the music portion of each Sunday’s worship service.
  2. Select the songs and arrangements of music prior to each worship service.
  3. Enlist, shepherd and lead the church’s adult worship team/band, including a rehearsal time each week and a warm-up each Sunday morning.
  4. Coordinate with the pastor concerning Sunday worship themes and song selections.
  5. Share in any needed responsibilities as requested by the senior pastor.

COMPENSATION: Based on candidate experience and gifts

TIME OFF: 4 weeks of paid vacation time (not all taken consecutively); an additional 1 week of paid sick leave is allowed per year.